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Promoting the art and craft of wood turning in the greater Cincinnati area

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Pens for the Troops:  
The Ohio Valley Woodturners Guild cordially invites its members and folks from from the community to join us in our studio in the Kennedy Heights Cultural Center for an activity to thank members of our military for their service to our country. On Saturday, July 23, from 9 AM to 4 PM, we hope to make a total of 200 wooden pens to give to the members of a military unit. We would love to have your help! Folks are welcome to come at any time during the day, make a pen, and sign a thank you note. Children as young as 11 can participate. We supply all the necessary safety equipment, tools and supplies. No prior woodturning experience is necessary. Skilled OVWG woodturners will help anyone who is new to woodturning to successfully make a beautiful pen. There is no fee to participate and you do not need to register. Just show up!
OVWG Exhibit in the Kennedy Heights Cultural Center
OVWG members have the opportunity to exhibit their work in a juried exhibition in the Kennedy Heights Cultural Center, in the main entry hall, from August 5 through October 1. OVWG members are invited to submit items to the jury by July 20th. Members may enter up to 3 items for consideration. To do so, send a digital picture and the "Inventory Value of Art" spreadsheet via email to KC Kendall at The spreadsheet is located in the Documents section of the website, in the folder titled KHCC Exhibit. Here is a link to the document: Inventory Value of Art.
We strongly encourage members to participate. This is a great opportunity to gain exposure for our work in the community.  There will be an opening reception on August 5th. These events are well attended by the broad community connected to the Kennedy Heights Arts Center. Your work may be offered for sale.  KHAC will take a 30% commission.
For those who haven't participated in an event like this, we once again encourage you to submit something for consideration. We are looking for a broad range of types of work to be included. 
John Jordan - Three-Day Class:  August 12-14, 2016
Friday - Sunday - 9 am to 5 pm daily
Class registration is now open.  From the Home page, click on Event Calendar, go to August 2016 and click on the John Jordan -Three-day class to begin the registration process.  Or click on this button.   Three Day Woodturning Class - John Jordan - 8/12/2016
johnjordan-5johnjordan-4John Jordan Black/White
John Jordan is a woodturner from Cane Ridge (Nashville), Tennessee. Known primarily for his textured and carved hollow vessels, John has been featured in nearly every major turning exhibition the past twenty years.  His work has received numerous awards, and is in the permanent collections of many museums and corporations, including the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian, the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, the American Craft Museum in New York City, the White House in Washington, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Mint Museum of Craft + Design in Charlotte, the Fine Arts Museum in Boston, and the Detroit Institute of the Arts and the prestigious Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England.
John's pieces are initially turned on the lathe, from fresh, green logs, using a number of techniques and tools that have evolved over the years. Each piece is then hand carved and textured, using a variety of different hand and small powered tools. This texturing process is very labor intensive, and can take as much as several days to weeks to complete. There is little room for error during this carving- one small slip can ruin the piece. A light lacquer finish is applied to most pieces, including the dyed work.
"The pieces I make are simple but finely detailed vessels. Manipulating the color and patterns in the wood to complement the form, and the texturing and carving to create visual and tactile contrasts are important parts of the process and the result. What I feel is most important is the intangible quality that the piece is "right" that comes with putting emotion and feeling into the work. A simple object can be very powerful and emotional just for what it is. These pieces are simply decorative vessels that reflect my interest in surface textures/contrasts and form, and the personal responses that I have to them, which I suspect are similar to the feelings that makers of objects have felt for thousands of years." - John Jordan 2015
About the class, John says:
"The students may pursue what they want over the course of three days, some will progress faster than others and some may choose to carve more than turn.
The students should be comfortable with sharpening the bowl gouge and have the skills to turn a bowl on their own.  I will teach hollow turning and help those who have done some hollow turning improve their skills.  We will work on carving and texturing and other things as interest suggests.  We might make a teapot or lidded container if we make good progress.
The students should bring nay tools, hollowing or otherwise, that they feel may be useful.  any sort of of carving tools they have, hand or powered would be good. I will have some extra tools that may be used, but not nearly enough to furnish the class.  I will have some hollowing tools with me for sale and they will be able to try them first.  Everyone MUST read the articles on hollow turning, carving and properties of wood on my website: John Jordan website The articles are found  under the "Tech/Articles" tab. [Editor's note:  If the article titles do not appear, move the cursor around the page slowly to see the titles, then click on the one you want to read.]
If any participants have some log sections that are 16" and up, please bring them.  I prefer to cut the wood as part of the class.  FRESH maple, cherry white oak, etc., are good."
Class registration is now open.  From the Home page, click on Event Calendar, go to August 2016 and click on the John Jordan -Three-day class to begin the registration process.  Or click on this button.   Three Day Woodturning Class - John Jordan - 8/12/2016

OVWG Learning Center is located at Kennedy Heights Cultural Campus
6620 Montgomery Road, Kennedy Heights, OH  45213 

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