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Promoting the art and craft of wood turning in the greater Cincinnati area

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Open Shops for April Through June, 2016:
The open shop dates, times and the person hosting each event are posted on the Event Calendar. The Open Shop Coordinators are willing to provide coaching on specific skills. Here's a link to documents that summarize all of the dates and the areas that each person will help with: Learning Center Coordinators - April - June  We ask that you register on the website when you plan to come to an open shop.
New Woodturning Safety Guidebook from AAW
Hot off the press! The AAW has just released our newest publication, entitled Safety Guidebook for Woodturners, effective use of a wood lathe is so fundamentally critical that AAW is making this new resource available at no cost to anyone interested in woodturning. We strongly urge the cooperation of all chapter officers to get this into the hands of all of your chapter members. AAW membership is not a requirement to receive this publication.

We have divided this booklet into the major areas of woodturning safety. Some of the safety considerations covered in this new publication include:

  • The Workshop and Turning Environment
  • Lathe and Turning Equipment
  • Personal Protection Equipment
  • Safe Techniques
  • Safe Turning Speeds
  • First Cuts: ABC's
  • And much more

Click on the following link to obtain a copy of the Safety Guidebook. If that does not work, copy and paste the link into your browser.
Monthly Meeting:  May 21, 2016 - Pat Matranga - Professional Demonstrator

While growing up, Pat Matranga had an older brother who came home from school on occasion with really neat turned bowls, candlesticks, and other woodworking projects. She really wanted to have a try at such things, but this was in the 60's and 70's and girls were not allowed in the wood shop. However, she never forgot about woodworking.



Not long after graduation from the University of Wisconsin Pat found a job in her chosen field.  However, she soon received something in the mail about a woodworking class at a local technical school. Her continued interest in this area resulted in registration in a night class.  She loved it and was able to turn her first piece on the lathe from a connection she made and instantly fell in love with woodturning.



That first piece was a platter. She kept her new found love of woodturning in her heart for years until she discovered the Tennessee Association of Woodturners and then exploded into woodturning.  It totally changed her life. That was in 1993. She read books and watched videos where she saw some of the greats such as Rudy Osolnik demonstrate. She attended various woodturning gatherings and absorbed all she could.


Since 1993 Pat has been busy growing her business. Her major effort is the design and production of corporate gifts. Her favorite thing is sculptures.  She has discovered that

calling them awards and engraving on them creates a high demand.


Pat's turned wood art is simple, elegant, and beautiful.  It has been commissioned by industry leaders and government officials (mayors, governors and a former vice president) and has been presented to countless dignitaries worldwide.



Featured recently in Southern Living Magazine, Pat’s wood pieces are famous for their comforting, smooth-as-glass feel.  She has appeared on HGTV, “Talk of the Town”, “Tennessee Crossroads”, as well as in local news publications such as The Tennessean.  Her work has been exhibited in galleries and fine gift shops in the U.S. and abroad, and is actively sought as the corporate-gift-of-choice by area CEOs and executives. When she isn’t busy creating new treasures Pat enjoys teaching woodturning. To learn more about Pat and her work check her website Pat Matranga Website.




OVWG Learning Center is located at Kennedy Heights Cultural Campus
6620 Montgomery Road, Kennedy Heights, OH  45213 

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OVWG is proud to be one of 350+ worldwide chapters of the American Association of Woodturners 
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The American Association of Woodturners (AAW) is an international, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.
            AAW's mission is to provide education, information, and organization to those interested in turning wood.