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Promoting the art and craft of wood turning in the greater Cincinnati area



Event Registrants

This is a list of registrants for the displayed event
Title: 2017 Turning Symposium Registration Details
When: Thursday, October 12, 2017 to Sunday, October 15, 2017

Name Type
John Albachten Registrant
Debbie Andrews Registrant
Richard Andrews Registrant
Chris Artrip Registrant
Lee Backey Registrant
Brian Bagley Registrant
Larry Bagley Registrant
Larry Bagley Registrant
Michael Ball Registrant
Michael Banet Registrant
Richard Barbour Jr Registrant
george barlow Registrant
Don Barnes Registrant
Chris Barrett Registrant
Scott Barron Registrant
Larry Bates Registrant
mike bauman Registrant
Gary Beal Registrant
James Bellas Registrant
David Betler Registrant
David Betler Registrant
Keith Betscher Registrant
Gale Bigham Registrant
Bill Blasic Registrant
Monica Bluestein Registrant
Dave Bobinger Registrant
Sylvia Bobinger Registrant
Jack Boggio Registrant
Sharon Bohannon Registrant
Joel Bosslely Registrant
Johnny Bowman Registrant
Nancy Bowman Registrant
Mike Bracken Registrant
Gary Brackett Registrant
Michael Bradshaw Registrant
Fitz Brandau Registrant
Fritz Brandau Registrant
Penny Brandau Registrant
Penny Brandau Registrant
Jeffrey Braunscheidel Registrant
Judith Brawley Registrant
James Brenza Registrant
Jack Brown Registrant
Colleen Bruning-Fann Registrant
Peter Buccellato Registrant
Molly Bufalini Registrant
Dave Bunge Registrant
Charles Burke Registrant
Donald Byrkett Registrant
Candy Cahall Registrant
Candy Cahall Registrant
John Cahall Registrant
Lana Campbell Registrant
Ron Campbell Registrant
Suzanne Carney Registrant
Laura Carter Registrant
Steve Carter Registrant
Paul Chadbourne Registrant
Robert Chambers Registrant
John Choponis Registrant
Kevin Clay Registrant
Jimmy Clewes Registrant
Robert Cochoy Registrant
Ian Collins Registrant
Beverly Connelly Registrant
Mrs Cook Registrant
Nick Cook Registrant
Paul Courtright Registrant
Tom Cramer Registrant
Tom Cunningham Registrant
ROBERT DELL Registrant
Suzanna Dell Registrant
James Dixon Registrant
Teresa Dixon Registrant
Regina Dodd Registrant
Jamie Donaldson Registrant
Mike Doran Registrant
Howard Doty Registrant
Thomas Dresch Registrant
Darrell Dube Registrant
Paul Dugas Registrant
James Dupler Registrant
Dean DuVal Registrant
Ron Duvall Registrant
Charles Easter Registrant
Terry Elfers Registrant
Robert Elliott PH,d Registrant
Lee Ellis Registrant
David Eppert Registrant
William Everson Registrant
Hilde Ewing Registrant
Marvin Ewing Registrant
James Farrell Registrant
John Farrow Registrant
Don Faulkner Registrant
Raymond Feltz Registrant
Linda Ferber Registrant
Sean Ficke Registrant
Scott Fles Registrant
jennifer flynn Registrant
Kurt Foglesong Registrant
Howard Forthofer Registrant
Kathleen Gardiner Registrant
Ed Gerth Registrant
michael getz Registrant
John Glessner Registrant
Cliff Goosmann Registrant
Jack Gormley Registrant
Keith Gotschall Registrant
Lynn Grenier Registrant
Alex Griffith Registrant
Barry Gross Registrant
Paul Guilbeault Registrant
lonnie gullion Registrant
michele gullion Registrant
Scott Gygi Registrant
Ronald Hanson Registrant
Ronald Hanssen Registrant
Paul Harkins Registrant
Ashley Harwood Registrant
Robert Henrickson Registrant
Frederick Hill Registrant
Valeria Hill Registrant
Gage Hlushchenko Registrant
Charles Holder Registrant
Ron Hollenbeck Registrant
Cynthia Hooley Registrant
Steve Hooley Registrant
Jon Hornbach Registrant
Jeffrey Hornung Registrant
Renden Hornung Registrant
Don Housman Registrant
James Howell Registrant
John Irvine Registrant
John Jackobs Registrant
Michael Jenior Registrant
Tom Johnson Registrant
John Johnston Registrant
John Jordan Registrant
Ann Kasdan Registrant
morton Kasdan Registrant
Pete Kekel Registrant
Shirley Kekel Registrant
Karen Kendall Registrant
KC Kendall Registrant
zane keylor Registrant
Rene Keyzer-Andre Registrant
stephen king Registrant
Heath Knuckles Registrant
Frank Kobilsek Registrant
joe kolks Registrant
Dave Kratzer Registrant
Hannah Kratzer Registrant
Barbara Krieger Registrant
Elliott Krieger Registrant
sean kubovcik Registrant
Emily Kuertz Registrant
James Kuertz Registrant
Mike Lanham, Sr. Registrant
James Lindsay Registrant
Larry Lockwood Registrant
Tom Lodge Registrant
Cathey Long Registrant
Dean Louis Registrant
Bin Lu Registrant
Bill Magee Registrant
dan maloney Registrant
daniel maloney Registrant
Mike Manhart Registrant
Dick Manteuffel Registrant
Bill Marble Registrant
Daniel Marmer Registrant
charles Martin Registrant
Rebecca Maruca Registrant
Jon Mays Registrant
Steve McCord Registrant
Joe McGlothlin Registrant
Jan McGlynn Registrant
Henry McKeown Registrant
harold mcmillen Registrant
Mary Carol Meinken Registrant
Scott Mendel Registrant
Ben Merk Registrant
Gregory Merk Registrant
Nelson Meyer Registrant
Kevin Miller Registrant
Steve Minnich Registrant
mark modic Registrant
Tom Mogford Registrant
Cheryl Morefield Registrant
Roberta Moro Registrant
Terry Morrill Registrant
Mike Nathal Registrant
Thomas Nellis Registrant
Jim Nuckols Registrant
Ken Nuzum Registrant
Kathy O'Connell Registrant
doug ott Registrant
Richard Owen Registrant
Judy Pankion Registrant
Mike Pankion Registrant
carl pardy Registrant
Jess Parrett Registrant
Robert Person Registrant
John Peter Registrant
John Petro Registrant
Dean Philips Registrant
Gene Pitstick Registrant
Mike Pitts Registrant
John Prodoehl Registrant
Carl Purvis Registrant
George Raeder Registrant
Tom Ream Registrant
Don Redman Registrant
Mary Louise Reed Registrant
Peyton Reed Registrant
Diane Rhoads Registrant
Jerry Rhoads Registrant
John Richey Registrant
Ken Rizza Registrant
Beverly Robillard Registrant
Donald Roden Registrant
Richard Rohr Registrant
Paul Rosen Registrant
H Stephen Ruster Registrant
Nancy Ruster Registrant
Avelino Samuel Registrant
Rick Saunders Registrant
Cortney Scheeser Registrant
Nick Schirz Registrant
Joseph Schlawin Registrant
Karen Schlawin Registrant
Dave Schoenung Registrant
Renee Schoenung Registrant
Ernie Schuette Registrant
Ernie Schuette Registrant
Paul Schultz Registrant
Jeff Scott Registrant
Steve Shanesy Registrant
John Shannon Registrant
William Shepard Registrant
Dave Shombert Registrant
Paul Shotola Registrant
John Sikorski Registrant
Ruth Sikorski Registrant
Marsha Sink Registrant
Marsha Sink Registrant
Gary Slater Registrant
John Slick Registrant
John Smith Registrant
Doug Smucker Registrant
Ted Smucker Registrant
Thom Solecki Registrant
Thom Solecki Registrant
BRIAN Sowers Registrant
Steve Sprague Registrant
Mark Stahley Registrant
Mark Starcher Registrant
Jeffery Stevens Registrant
Philip Stevens Registrant
Curt Stivison Registrant
Denise Stone Registrant
Robert Stone Registrant
William Stone Registrant
Bryan Stover Registrant
Mark Stransky Registrant
Jim Susco Registrant
Gene Swartzlander Registrant
Alan Tapp Registrant
Penny Tapp Registrant
Gary Thompson Registrant
Betty Tilmann Registrant
Douglas Tilmann Registrant
Kevin Toevs Registrant
Ron Tomasch Registrant
Lynn Trump Registrant
Karen Tuemler Registrant
Robert Tuemler Registrant
annie van vooren Registrant
annie van vooren Registrant
Van Van Vooren Registrant
van van vooren Registrant
Frank Vanah Registrant
Tim Verbeke Registrant
Dave Voegtly Registrant
George Walker Registrant
thomas walters Registrant
Arnold Ward Registrant
Jerry Warner Registrant
Jerry Warner Registrant
Dwight Weaver Registrant
Jack Weaver Registrant
Larry Weaver Registrant
Gary Webster, Sr. Registrant
Brent Wells Registrant
Dave Wells Registrant
david whaley Registrant
Peggy Wharrick Registrant
Tom Wharrick Registrant
Steve Whitehead Registrant
Steve Whittlesey Registrant
David Wilkerson Registrant
Patricia Wilkerson Registrant
Don Willen Registrant
Gerald Williams Registrant
Douglas Winslow Registrant
Tom Wise Registrant
Mike Wolfram Registrant
David Worden Registrant
David Wright Registrant
Roger Wright Registrant
Bert Yeary Registrant
Sandy Zimmerman Registrant
Michael Zurcher Registrant

OVWG Learning Center is located at Kennedy Heights Cultural Campus
6620 Montgomery Road, Kennedy Heights, OH  45213 

The entrance to our studio is on the South side of the building, by the loading dock area.

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