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Promoting the art and craft of wood turning in the greater Cincinnati area





Here we will periodically post testimonies of folks that have been blessed by OVWG people, programs, facilities.

Received 5/6/2019


Patients at Children's Hospital with Beads of Courage boxes donated by OVWG members.
Thank you for your donations.  They make a difference for the children and their families

Recieved November 3, 2018

It doesn’t take a professional!


I am a relatively new turner and an Open Shop junkie.  I attend every Open Shop I can in the hopes of gaining experience and to learn from the coordinators.  Earlier this year I attended a three-day class with a professional, Grahm Priddle, thanks largely to the generosity of the club.  I was extremely surprised by how much I learned and also how much fun I had.  It really was a great experience and one that I would not have presumed to be so beneficial.

Once again, I have been completely surprised by the value of a structured class.  This past Tuesday (10-30-18), I had the pleasure of auditing the Turn & Learn - Dry/Finished Bowl Turning class at the club’s shop.  The class was proctored by K.C. Kendall and Jon Hornbach.  What struck me first was the mood of the students and how much fun everyone was having.  I got to see turners who were struggling receive one-on-one instruction and become able to complete a skill that otherwise would have prevented the project from completion.  KC and Jon were amazing with the students.  This was most evident in the joy of the participants upon completion of each step along the way to completing their bowls.

Upon closer examination of the class, while recollecting the evening, I came to the conclusion that the success of the class was a direct result of the preparedness and attitude of the instructors.  Everything necessary (and a lot that was not necessary; but offered options), was considered beforehand and ready for anyone who might need it.  For instance, when it came time to remove the Tenon from the bottom of the bowl: KC and Jon didn’t simply dictate how to perform this task; but rather, they brought out the tools for every option the club has for performing this task.  I was intrigued to notice that nearly every method was used by one student or another.  This afforded each student to see how each process could be performed.  It was great for them and they all enjoyed it.

It really impresses me when I see members of the same club to which I belong have the ability and the willingness to offer a class in the same caliber as the professionals.  I can think of no more valid reason to belong to a club such as ours and I am happy to be a member.

Kudos to KC and Jon; great job!


Congratulations! First place! 

Received May 29, 2018

Dear Dave:


On behalf of the AAW’s Communications Committee, I am very pleased to tell you that the Ohio Valley Woodturners Guild has been awarded first place in the contest for Best Chapter Website.


All the winners will be listed in the June issue of American Woodturner, and the winners will be announced during the awards banquet at the Portland Symposium, on June 16.


The time and attention to detail that you have devoted to the Ohio Valley Woodturners Guild are well worth the effort and represent a significant benefit for your members. Congratulations on a job well done.


Kindest regards,



Kim Rymer

Director, Marketing & Communications

American Association of Woodturners (AAW)

75 W 5th St #222

St. Paul, MN 55378


The above email is addressed to Dave Kratzer (OVWG Webmaster) but I have to emphasize that this website is not my work alone. There are at least 28 volunteers from the club that have access and help maintain this site. As with everything about the club it is a team effort. I want to thank all of my fellow laborers for there help in making this a first class website and organization.

Dave Kratzer

On Feb 25, 2018 Teresa Dixon said this:

OVWG’s mentoring program is a gift. I was hesitant to contact a mentor...I’m so new to turning and know so embarrassingly little...but needed to know how to make a lidded box before Jennifer Shirley’s class. I contacted Mike Ball, who met me in the Learning Center during open shops and walked me through the process. 

Learning Center hosts have always been very helpful answering questions and showing me “how to,” but with a mentor by my side the entire time, giving me step-by-step instruction and demos, my learning was fast tracked. Mike is an excellent teacher and was generous with his time, meeting me on several occasions. I didn’t want to impose, but gradually realized mentors are passionate about turning and genuinely want to share their acquired knowledge and passion.

I plan to take advantage of the Mentoring Program more, with hope that one day I will develop sufficient skills and knowledge to become a mentor myself. In the interim, I sincerely thank Mike, the Learning Center hosts, and everyone else who has helped me. The OVWG Learning Center is a top notch facility and OVWG members are indeed a special group of people.

TJ Dixon

Paul Maue with his wife Sharon and daughters

Received 12-10-2017 from the family of our friend and fellow woodturner Paul Maue

To the Ohio Valley Woodturners Guild

I'd like to sincerely thank the members of the Ohio Valley Woodturners Guild for the successful auction in my husband,  Paul Maue's name. I understand that the money raised will fund several scholarships,  and this would have made Paul extremely happy. My family and I are very grateful.

It was a daunting task for us to consider what to do with the stacks of wood, rough cut bowls, supplies and boxes of magazines that filled much of our basement. An email sent, and Gary Webster to the rescue! Gary was instrumental in organizing trips to my home with  multiple truckloads hauled away. He carefully inspected what would be useful to the woodturners. A special thank you to Gary, Kurt Foglesong and Ron Hanssen for their
assistance in this project. It was hard, hot work,  and they were fantastic!

Paul truly loved the craft of woodturning and it brought him much satisfaction. The OVWG was a big part of his development in this craft and he looked forward to all of the events. My family truly appreciates the friendship, support  and tutelage provided to Paul over the years. We, along with many others, have lasting memories in the bowls and other decorative items that he left for us to enjoy. I have added the bowls made for me  by Gary and Kurt to my collection!

Thank you once again! Woodturning is a beautiful craft, so I will continue to look for OVWG presence at local art shows.

Warmest Regards,

Sharon Maue and Family


The OVWG had an open house during the KHAC's Winterfest Party on Friday, 12/1/2017. It was a busy night with many  people coming in to the LC to see what a "lathe" is and find out what is this thing called "turning". Many thanks to those pictured below and both Tom Dresch and Jerry Warner for their participation in this event to promote the OVWG.

David Wright, Nancy Bowman, Johnny Bowman, Bev Connelly, Ron Hanssen, Dave Kratzer
Not pictured: Jerry Warner, Tom Dresch

This was received on 11-14-2017 from Connie Malone RE: OVWG Empty Bowl donations to the Oxford Empty Bowls event. Let's keep those bowls coming. 

Good afternoon everyone,


It's a quiet Tuesday afternoon, and I’m happily taking some time during my lunch break to reflect on our VERY successful 15th Oxford Empty Bowls benefit soup luncheon.  Every minute of eight weeks' preparation was well worth it as Saturday could not have been nicer!  Hundreds of community members came out to join us at this event, which benefits the Oxford Community Choice Pantry, and it was an absolute delight to be able to again offer our guests the opportunity to bid on the absolutely beautiful wooden bowls (and pens, and ceramic bowl!) you all donated to this year’s Silent Auction. 


KC can correct me if I am wrong, but I believe this was our fourth year working with the Ohio Valley Woodturners Guild on this project.  Our Silent Auction is not only an important part of the fundraising that is done through the event, but it has become an eagerly anticipated part of the day as several of our regular supporters cannot wait to see and bid on the gorgeous items you’ve made and contributed!  This year even I could not resist (as event organizer I always worried that my bidding might be considered bad form!), and I am happy to say that despite two other bidders, I did win my bowl!


So while I do not yet have a final event total (the Oxford Community Art Center's Art Shop is donating 10% of their proceeds during the coming week to those with coupons from the luncheon), I am happy to share our that event total stands at $8,352.82, and that once I’ve distributed all items to the winners, our Silent Auction will have brought in a grand total of $1,572 -- WOW!!!  These funds will go a long way toward helping the Pantry assist our friends and neighbors in need.


So thank you all so very, very much for once again sharing the products of your time, talent and resources with us.  On a personal note, I have to say that this is one of my favorite aspects of our local Empty Bowls event.  I grew up in a home where the beauty of wood was valued and appreciated, so seeing your craftsmanship and the beauty of the wood grain in your turned objects holds deep appeal.


So thank you again.  It's been my pleasure to work with you again, and I hope that contributing to Empty Bowls is likewise a satisfying and pleasurable experience for you all.


With warmest regards,



Bowl Selection

Line waiting to select a bowl


On 6/23/2017 the following was submitted by Tom Dresch after a successful Open Shop experience.

Dave Kratzer, Tom Dresch, Mike Pankion, Jo Ballman

Went to open shop today with Dave Kratzer and Mike Pankion and learned how to deal with a slightly nasty piece of Walnut to turn a nice bowl (piece of art). Dave’s hints on using thin CA on “punky” wood and “holy wood” was a great tip for me.

Mike worked with new member Jo Ballman on turning a bowl. John Richey was also there making lots of shavings and he was kind enough to take the picture attached. Also had lunch with these fine gentleman and enjoyed myself. Great bunch of guys.


Tom dresch


“Whatever you want to do, do it now. There are only so many tomorrows.” – Michael Landon

On May 16, 2017 the following email was received by Dave Kratzer, OVWG, webmaster & Jerry Warner, OVWG President

Dear Jerry and Dave,


On behalf of the American Association of Woodturners, I am very pleased to tell you that the Ohio Valley Woodturners Guild has been awarded second place in the contest for Best Chapter website. The judges said, “the Ohio Valley site has character and is loaded with fresh and beneficial content."


All the winners will be listed in the June issue of American Woodturner, and the winners will be announced during the banquet at the Kansas City Symposium.


The time and attention to detail that you have devoted to the website are well worth the effort and represent a significant benefit for your members. Congratulations on a job well done.




David Heim

Chair, AAW Communications Committee

Dave Kratzer adds this comment:
I am very proud of our website but the website is a collaborative effort. I could not do it all myself.


That is the beauty of the Club Express software. The webmaster is able to delegate various sections and pages to different people. I coordinate and manage. KC Kendall, Jerry Warner, John Albachten, John Jackobs, Steve Shanesy, Mike Wolfram and others deserve credit for helping make a great website. Please give them credit too.



On 2/17/2017 the following was submitted by Tom Dresch after a successful Open Shop experience.

So I did another Open Shop. This was a follow up to the Saturday demonstrations of natural edge plates and wood coloring. As you can see in the attached photo I turned a small platter from the “throw away” part of the tree and then burned a toad onto it and Nancy helped me in coloring it. I call it Thomas Toad III. Now I need to add Lacquer and micro sand to finish. Nancy and Johnny are really great at explaining the steps and what supplies you need to get the job done. Johnny also helped me with why I was always having trouble making longer finials (I do have one in my hand we did together) by showing me a few tricks. One was a KC trick – stop draw what you want then turn.


Johnny and Nancy are really great folks for new turner’s to learn many things. Every time I leave them I feel like I have acquired 2 new skills (at least).


Can’t say enough for the Open Shop and wish more folks would take advantage.

Will post finished product after lacquered.


Tom Dresch

On 2/4/2017 the following was submitted by Tom Dresch after a successful Open Shop experience.

Tom Dresch & KC Kendall

Went to open shop today with the intent to work on shape of some green turned Ash. KC Kendall hosted and I am excited with his tutoring to take the two pieces I brought and create a nice bowl (8") with a top.

Although not quite done the help was invaluable. In addition KC helped introduce a teen to turning and Ron Hansen was on hand to help a new turner with a natural edge bowl.


Overall a great morning with a few other folks.


Keep up the great work!


Tom dresch

On 10/19/2016 the following was submitted by Tom Dresch after a successful Hands On class experience.

Jimmy Clewes & Tom Dresch

I did the one day Sunday Class with Jimmy Clewes and it was well worth the $100.00. Jimmy used his projects to clearly demonstrate new (to me) turning techniques and refinement of things I was doing. Truly enjoyable chap who took lots of time with each of us sharing his  knowledge. Also has great stories to break up the day. Attached is a photo with the winged box I made in the class.


Keep up the great work of bringing these folks to the OVWG.


tom dresch

On 9/19/2016 the following was submitted by Tom Dresch after a successful Open Shop experience.
Tom Dresch & Dave Kratzer
Tom Dresch & Dave Kratzer



I went to open shop hosted by Dave Kratzer to learn his bowl finishing techniques. He is a fountain of information and took some time to critique some pieces I turned. His feedback was helpful and his suggestions to fix some of the flaws will help my skill level. I attached a reluctant pic with Dave and a bowl I buffed at the open shop. His buffing tips and advice on other needed equipment to do buffing I have already applied (bought) to allow me to do larger bowls. 


On 7/27/2016 the following was submitted by Tom Dresch after a successful Open Shop experience.


Tom Dresch & Ed Bowman

Ed, [Bowman]

Thanks for all your help last night at the Open Shop. You have added to my skill level and I enjoyed the time with you.


KC/Dave, [Kendall, Kratzer]

Attached is a photo of Ed and I with a bowl that Ed helped me get final turned with his technique that will allow me to start sanding with 180 paper instead of the 100 I have had to use before.


Open Shop is really a great thing for Turner's to learn new techniques and increase their skills.


Glad I am a OVWG member.


tom dresch


On 7/07/2016 the following was submitted by Tom Dresch after a successful Open Shop experience.



Mike Pankion & Tom Dresch


Dave and KC,


Attended the Open Shop this AM and worked with Mike Pankion on his method of finishing bowls. I again learned a lot in a fun and rewarding environment.  Attached is a picture of the Mike, myself and the bowl we finished.  I will use this as my first wood turner's show piece.


Again Open Shop is a great thing that all members should be taking advantage of.


tom dresch

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