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The OVWG works better when everyone participates.

Sept 15th 2018
A FREE day of demo/classes and cookout
Bring a side dish to share.
Below are some of the activities planned for the day.

Learning Center

9 amJohn Cahall - 10" Pepper Mill

John will demonstrate a very popular gift idea, the Pepper Mill. He'll show you the proper setup and the preparation for turning a pepper mill. He'll discuss the materials and the tools.

Main Meeting Room

9 am Gary Brackett - Chucking on the Lathe

If you are new to turning, this is one of the most important classes you could take. Learn how to secure your work on the lathe to get the most out of your wood in the safest manor. You do not want to miss this class!

Main Meeting Room

9 am Dave Kratzer - Sea Urchin Ornaments

Easy to make and easy to sell gift items. Dave will show you how to make a beautiful ornament from a sea urchin shell. He will cover the material sources, selection and preparation of the shell as well as tools and technique in turning the finials, coloring, making and installing the hanging eye, and display stand.

Learning Center

10:30 amArn Ward - Multi-axis

Arn produces some of the most interesting multi-axis spindle turning and complex forms that come from the lathe. This demo will explain the basics of multi-axis forms as it relates to spindle turning. Arn will demonstrate various ways to hold the wood and change the axis to get different shapes.

Main Meeting Room

10:30 Johnny Bowman - Texturing

Johnny Bowman will be discussing and demonstrating how to add visual appeal to your turned pieces by using Robert Sorby texturing and spiraling tools. The discussion and demo will include speeds, wood type, various types of patterns. There will be samples of the various patterns on bowls, salt shakers, candle holders, spinning tops, spindle turned items and platters.

Main Meeting Room

10:30 am Jerry Warner - Natural Edge Bowl

Jerry Warner has been turning for about 12 years - since retiring from Northern Kentucky University. He was first introduced to turning natural edge bowls in a class taught by Alan Lacer at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking. When he began to sell his work at art and craft shows he found that his best sellers were usually natural edge pieces with the bark on the edge. Consequently, he has turned hundreds of natural edge pieces over the years and is always looking for wood that is suitable for this purpose. In addition to the typical natural edge bowl, he turns variations that include hollow vessels with a natural edge top, as well as natural edge pieces with two or three tiers (not for beginners). In this demonstration he will show how to select wood for natural edge turning, how to prepare the blank, and how to mount it on the lathe. He will also talk about the best time of year to collect wood for this purpose, ways to help the bark to stay on, and the drying and finishing process. He looks forward to sharing his expertise with OVWG members who want to try their hand at natural edge pieces.

Learning Center

1:30 pm Linda Suter -Turn small pieces of wood into fine jewelry

Wood by its self is beautiful, but turn a simple shape, modify it, add metal or other materials, and put it on a nice chain and WOW, you have a piece of wearable art.
That's what I am going to show you how to do.
In this session, I am going to turn simple shapes; cut, sand, add metal (both base and silver), show you how to make your own simple headpins and add other beads to create a fine unique piece of jewelry. I will have examples of work, ideas for shapes and a list of suppliers to help you get started.

Main Meeting Room

1:30 pm John Jackobs - Toys

The Kururin
An amazing Japanese desktop toy for all ages. Challenges your creativity, precision and hand eye coordination. Need something to do when that relative just called and goes on and on? This is the solution. The Kururin is a small carefully shaped cylinder that will tumble end over end. The goal is to have the toy standing when it comes to a stop. Now that's not very difficult is it? A great fidget toy to take everywhere!
The Tippe Top
This top usually has a body shaped like a truncated sphere with a short narrow stem attached perpendicular to the center of the flat circular surface of the truncation.
A demonstration of the conservation of angular momentum.
So you were't paying attention in physics class when angular momentum was covered?
The top looks like a mushroom but when it spins it will flip over and continue spinning on the stem.
Proportions are critical to have the Tippe Top work correctly.
Maybe the demo will succeed - maybe not.
A simple wooden whistle
Something easy to make for the grandkids.
A single note whistle being determined by the dimensions.
Guaranteed to annoy any child's parents.

Main Meeting Room

1:30 pm Tom Dresch - Decorative rim on Bowl

Using Hobby Lobby 1/2" square stone tiles to embellish a rim to increase the price of the bowl.

Main Meeting Room

9 am - 3 pm Gary Webster - Vintage equipment

Gary Webster will be displaying some of his vintage equipment which he has personally made from scratch. Included will be a spring pole lathe, a treadle lathe, a shave horse and a foot powered rotary grindstone. He will be demonstrating while explaining some of the history of each. AND can try your hand at being a renaissance woodturner/woodworker!

Show N Tell Table
What have you been turning since the last meeting? Bring it to the TurnFest and Show N Tell


Chain Saw Demonstration
How to properly and safely use a chain saw

There will be a cookout of Hamburgers and Hot Dogs.
Please bring a side dish to share.

We have a great selection of vendors who will be attending TurnFest

Thompson Tools - These are the highest quality turning tools on the market today, each one handcrafted in a 13 step process. To keep the quality high and price low it will continue like it is....each handcrafted by at a time.

Woodcraft - Shop top woodworking products. Woodworking tools, woodworking plans, woodworking supplies for the passionate woodworker.

Rockler's - Woodworking tools & supplies. Top brands to help you create with confidence.

McFeely's - Your primary source for best-in-class screws, tools, woodworking supplies and DIY gear.

Cincinnati Ice Cream Truck - Buy a selection of ice cream treats to enjoy while taking in the classes. Soft Serve cones, Italian Ice, Novelty Bars, Pop Sicles

Nancy Bowman email or call or text 1-937-239-1980
Pete Kekel email or call 1-859-653-3520
Tom Walters email text 1-513-476-4342
Arn Ward email wood@cincijuggler.comis 

OVWG Learning Center is located at Kennedy Heights Cultural Campus
6620 Montgomery Road, Kennedy Heights, OH  45213 

The entrance to our studio is on the South side of the building, by the loading dock area.

Click here for map --->     Click here for a picture of the entry door to our studio---> 


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The American Association of Woodturners (AAW) is an international, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.
            AAW's mission is to provide education, information, and organization to those interested in turning wood.